Lewis Carroll's Birthplace

The well cover at Lewis Carrols birthplace Cheshire

Are you one of the many visitors who are drawn each year to the small village of Daresbury, near Warrington wishing to find out more about Charles Dodgson, who was a local parson’s son?

The parsonage where Charles was born was approximately 1.5 miles from the village.  Today when visitors stroll up the narrow path, flanked by fields, they will see that all that remains is a ground level brick outline depicting where the original building once stood, as unfortunately the building was destroyed by fire over 100 years ago.

Lewis Carroll

Charles was amongst other things a mathematician and logician but his main claim to fame was as the author of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, which he penned under the name of Lewis Carroll.

The Well

Wrought iron sculptures now outline where the parsonage once stood and intricate iron workings with a dormouse design, cover a well.  Charles left Daresbury at the age of 11 but could this be the same well which helped inspire him to write Alice’s adventures some years later?

" An island farm mid seas of corn, Swayed by the wandering breath of morn, The happy spot where I was born Extract from the ‘Faces in the Fire’"
- Lewis Carroll