The Cloud and toposcope

Heather carpets The Cloud in Autumn

The toposcope at the top of The Cloud points to key features in the Cheshire landscape below.

The Cloud

The Cloud is 300m high and is a prominent and compelling feature in the surrounding Cheshire lowland countryside. Like Bickerton, the Cloud is a heath landscape. Since 1800, 84% of Britain’s lowland heath has been lost and as such, areas such as the Cloud are extremely important. This has been reflected in the Cloud being designated as an area of Special Biological Interest.

A toposcope guides the visitor's eye towards the chimneys and furnaces of south Lancashire in the north-west, to the fertile plains of Crewe and Nantwich in the west, the Potteries in the south and finally eastwards, up the Dane Valley to the main range of the Pennines.

The early 19th century saw extensive quarrying on the site, the stone being used for nearby canal construction, railway bridge construction and millstones. An ancient stone boundary marker still marks the county boundary between Staffordshire and Cheshire that crosses the property.

Help us protect this special area

Unauthorised cycling on The Cloud causes damage to the heathland; an endangered habitat with many rare species of wildlife.  It is also a danger to walkers, so if you are not a member of Congleton Mountain Biking Club, please refrain from mountain biking on The Cloud.

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