Thurstaston Springs to Life

Ransomes carpet Thurstaston Common Cheshire

Spring is in the air, so why not grab your walking boots and enjoy a refreshing walk.

Listen and look out for Woodpeckers

If you’re lucky you may spot a green woodpecker.  They are very vocal at the moment whilst establishing a territory and as the leaves on trees are just emerging are easier to see.

Enjoy the early signs of Spring

At this time as the ground begins to warm up after winter but the shady canopy of the trees is yet to darken the woodland floor,  many beautiful flowers seize the opportunity to burst in to life.   Look out for pink purslane also called ‘spring beauty’ or chismes, which is Spanish for gossip due to the fact that it spreads wildly through the woodland. 

Celandine will also soon make an appearance with its vibrant shining yellow flowers and the unmistakable heady scent of garlic from the ransomes. A few leaves chopped up make a delicious fresh spring omelette!