What is happening to the Wizard pub?

The Wizard Restaurant at Alderley Edge on sunny day

After around 22 years, our current tenant decided to end their tenancy of The Wizard Inn at Alderley Edge and so the pub was closed on Sunday 9 February 2020. We were very sad to see the tenant go, after all these years of working with them.

What happens now?

The pub building was given to the National Trust along with 130 hectares of land in 1948, and the building remains in the care and ownership of the National Trust.  

There is currently scaffolding on the Wizard and this is to carry out essential repair and maintenance work to this historic building.

At this stage, the future use of the building has not been determined and our decisions have been significantly delayed due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. We would like to reassure members of the public that our intention is to make the building accessible to visitors in the future and any proposals we make will consider the needs of our visitors and the long-term future of Alderley Edge. 

The Wizard Tea Room remains open and will continue to serve a daily food offer. 

Alderley Edge is a popular place and attracts around 300,000 visitors a year. It is a very significant site and our long-term ambitions focus on better conservation of the woodland and archaeology, protecting the site against the effects of climate change and helping people to explore and understand its extensive history.