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Mow Cop holds a surprising history, explore the story of the castle, find out why this site is so important to the Primitive Methodists and how to find the Old Man O'Mow

Mow Cop Folly Cheshire Staffordshire border


OS map showing the trail route for the Mow Cop trail as a red line


Mow Cop Castle Car Park


Welcome to Mow Cop. For a relatively small hill top, Mow Cop has a long and interesting story. To find out more at each step, click the + symbol next to the image. Please follow the main path up towards the castle folly.

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Folly at Mow Cop Cheshire Countryside


As you head up the path, look to your left and you will see a large engraved stone.

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Continue up the path and follow round underneath the left of the Castle

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Carry on round and follow the path right up to the Castle itself.

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Far-reaching views from Mow Cop on a sunny day


Come back down the path from the Castle and carry straight over onto the driveway path. Walk a little way along this and then look back at the Castle folly.

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Turn back away from the Castle and carry on to the end of the driveway. Cross over the road, taking care of the traffic and turn right to walk up the hill. Take the immediate next left and follow the footpath. After a short walk you will see a huge rock to your right. This is the Old Man o'Mow.

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Retrace your steps back to the road. To finish your walk, cross back over to the driveway you came down and return back towards the Castle, then follow the right hand path you came up back to the car park.


For an optional extra walk to Mow Cop Methodist Church, walk out of the car park and turn right. Take the first left onto Lower High Street and follow to the end. Turn right onto Top Station Road and walk down the road until you reach a left turn onto Primitive Street. Follow Primitive Street to the end and you will see the Methodist Church on your right. Retrace your steps to return to the Mow Cop car park.

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A large crowd of people gathered underneath Mow Cop castle folly in 1907 for a camp meeting


Mow Cop Castle Car Park

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Mow Cop trail

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Mow Cop Castle 53A High Street Mow Cop ST7 3PA
By road

The Mow Cop Castle car park is on Mow Cop High Street.

Mow Cop trail

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  • Pleae note there are no facilities at Mow Cop