Work in Progress...

Conserving a nineteenth century two-handed sword

It is vital that we try to keep the house and its collection in as good a state as we can, and prevent further deterioration in pieces that are already showing their age.

We have started the annual deep clean in the house. The moat and coffin rooms are complete: we found some mould growing on the rush matting in the moat room so have thrown it away as it was quite tatty as well. The relative humidity in the moat room is usually a little higher than we would like, which increases the chance of mould growing. 

The Library at Baddesley Clinton
The Library at Baddesley Clinton

We have been working in the library and leaving some equipment in situ. We do this for two reasons, firstly to enable the conservation staff and volunteers to have the maximum amount of time possible cleaning during the morning without having to carry everything up through the house and then back down again. Secondly having the kit out in the rooms provides an excellent opportunity for our visitors to find out about the conservation work involved in looking after Baddesley 363 days a year. By visiting us, buying membership or simply having a cup of tea in the restaurant, you are helping us to conserve Baddesley for future generations to enjoy.

In the picture below, you can see a painting by Rebecca Deering, which used to hang behind the bed in Lady Chatterton’s bedroom, clearly showing the sort of damage that we try to repair.

Damage we try to restore, and where we do it - in the old scullery
Damage we try to restore, and where we do it

We have a large collection here at Baddesley so some of our rooms are used to store these precious items safely. 

Lady Chatterton’s bedroom is one of the rooms we need to use for storage
Bedroom storage

Lady Chatterton’s bedroom is chock-a-block with stuff, including her four-poster bed! We are still hoping to re-open it for visitors to see in the near future. Similarly, we’d like to open the apple store, which was once the larder in the kitchen, but as you can see below, it’s not feasible at present. The items in there are being cleaned, catalogued and sorted and hopefully we’ll be able to re-open this room for visitors to enjoy when work is complete. 

The apple store isn’t used for storing apples any more!
The apple store

There are many projects ongoing inside the house and out.  We’ll try to keep you informed about what we are doing to preserve this wonderful place – for ever, for everyone.