Apple week at Beningbrough Hall

Join us early October for a celebration of all things apple and learn more about its origins and uses today.

Apple celebration week 6 - 13 October 2019, (closed Monday) 10.30am - 5pm.

We all know the humble apple; juicy, crunchy, sweet, green, red and golden. We devour it in pies, in cakes, in salads, in cider, even in sausages - but how much do you know about the fruit itself?

Apple celebrations 

Head to the tents in the walled garden for the apple display - the variety of colours and sizes is quite evident when they're all together. There will be short talks throughout the week with a chance to find out how the team care for and prune the numerous trees at Beningbrough. 

Have you ever picked an apple from a tree? Help out with the harvesting of the apples for apple pressing throughout the can then try the freshest and arguably the tastiest juice in town - let us know if you agree.

Try your hand at the apple inspired game - challenge the family to see who can be champion.

Apple in the orchard
Apple in the orchard
Apple in the orchard

What's on

Apple display –  all day, 10.30am - 5pm

Explore the traditional apple display in the walled garden. Find out more about the individual types grown at Beningbrough, what they’re good for, how they look and how they differ from the most commonly known varieties.

Apple Talk, Walk and Questions – 11am & 3pm

Join a short walk and talk giving an insight into the many varieties of apple grown at here with some top tips on the best ways to grow and preserve

Tasting of local products –  11.00am - 3.30pm

Try some of the shop’s seasonal goodies, including jams, chutneys and drinks. Taste them in the tent and if any take your fancy, head to the shop to make purchase.

Apple tasting – 11.30am - 3pm

Arguably the best bit, taste a variety of the apples grown at Beningbrough and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Pick the perfect apple – 12pm

Learn how to pick apples without damaging the tree and collect them ready for the next day’s apple pressing session.

Apple pressing – 2pm

See how the press works, which types of apples are used and taste the juice produced.

Apple selfie and apple tree game –  all day, 10.30am - 5pm

Challenge the family ot the games in the wall garden and take an appley selfie!

A gentle reminder that although dogs are now welcome at Beningbrough, they are not allowed in the walled garden where the produce grown goes to the restaurant.


If you are still hungry for more why not indulge on some of the freshly produced dishes available in the walled garden restaurant - try the apple and pork sausages, made using Beningbrough's harvest and of course there will be crumble and other delicious cakes, puddings and pastries to enjoy every day. 
The restaurant is open from 10.30am to 5pm, with hot food from 11.30am to 3pm


If you are still hungry for more apple treats after all that, the shop will be stocked with a range of apple related delights for you to enjoy at home. Sample some of the cider in the sample tent or the perfect accompaniment - chutneys, biscuits and salted caramel. The National Trust cookbook is also for sale with numerous inspiring recipes for your own harvest or glut.

Did you know?

Did you know that all the varieties of apple we eat today have travelled much further than from your shopping basket to your fruit bowl? In fact all of the varieties of apple that you eat today have their origins over 4,000 miles away in the mountains of Kazakhstan.


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