The Westfield School at Berrington Hall

Three boys surrounded by snowdrops digging

As part of the Berrington Garden Project we are inviting different groups throughout the community to come and join us and enjoy the gardens and pleasure grounds in their own way. We have recently been joined by the Westfield School and here's what they got up to.

Originally designed by ‘Capability’ Brown just over two hundred years ago, Berrington’s garden and pleasure grounds form part of Brown’s final landscape masterpiece.

We’ve embarked on an ambitious conservation project to restore Brown’s final design, but we also want to ensure the space remains relevant and accessible for all; a 21st century vision for an 18th century garden.

The students were learning the tips and tricks of the trade
Three students watching the Gardener as he puts a log stepping stone into the ground
The students were learning the tips and tricks of the trade

We’re therefore working in close collaboration with our community partners, including Westfield School, to make sure the vision for the garden is co-created and beneficial for the local community.

Westfield School is a Special School in Herefordshire for pupils with severe or complex learning difficulties between the ages of two and 19. At the beginning of this year, two sixth form students started volunteering with our garden team. During February, this expanded to a larger group who have been working on more complex projects, including creating stepping logs for the natural play area and opening up vistas in the parkland, all of which has directly supported the Berrington Garden Project.

The students at the end of the day
Students walking away from stepping stones
The students at the end of the day

It’s been incredibly rewarding working in such close partnership with Westfield School and we really look forward to nurturing this collaborative approach as the project develops.