Yoga inside the pavilion

Yoga instructor doing a yoga pose infront of the entrance to the Walled Garden

Have you ever wanted to trial your best Child’s Pose somewhere a little different? At Berrington we are having a new installation in the gardens and we’re lucky enough to offer you the chance to trial your favourite stretch inside.

In 2017 we’re being joined by internationally renowned artists, Heather and Ivan Morison. They will be creating their Georgian inspired pavilion that will take the form of a pineapple. This installation will be in pride of place, in Berrington’s Walled Garden.

To try something a bit different, we are not letting this be a simple structure. The pavilion will be used to host summertime events, celebrate ‘Capability’ Brown’s garden designs and now even hold yoga classes.

See Berrington in a entirely new way
Yoga instructor posing in front of the triumphal arch
See Berrington in a entirely new way

With so many perks, the students attending this weekly class will be thoroughly spoilt. They will have the opportunity to access Berrington outside of usual opening hours, as we open the gardens early. They can even refresh themselves with a spot of something freshly cooked from the tea-room as they will get a voucher for food and drink.  

This is a chance to try something new that may become a new hobby. It’s a chance to combine traditions, old and new, and host them here at Berrington.

Traditions, old and new
Yoga instructor in the Walled Garden
Traditions, old and new

Yet without the help of all of our visitors and supporters experiences such as this wouldn’t be possible. The money they help us raise is crucial for letting such projects develop. It allows us to take a chance on something a bit different; yoga in a pineapple.

Booking is now available. You can book in weekly slots, or you can book yourself an individual session to see if yoga takes your fancy.

£15 per session, normal admission fees apply. The class is every Saturday from Saturday 10 June to Saturday 26 August, 9.30am to 10.30am.

Facebook for UP yoga:

Number to book: 01568 615 721