Biddulph Grange - things to see

temple china pool

The China Garden at Biddulph Grange 

Surely Biddulph’s most memorable garden with its bright, loud, foreign colours, lit up with gold.

The Pinetum

Discover forest bathing 

You don’t need to pack your swimsuit: it simply means the practice of slowing down and immersing yourself in a forest atmosphere and our pinetum is the perfect place to do it

The half-timbered Cheshire Cottage

The Cheshire Cottage

A half-timbered Cheshire Cottage with the date 1856 and the Batemans’ initials J&MB inscribed on the maroon plasterwork of the upper storey. A hidden and unexpected crossing place of spaces and levels

The stunning views from Wellingtonia Avenue

Wellingtonia Avenue

A masterpiece of modern garden restoration. It has taken 20 years to return this part of the garden to its former Victorian glory. From the urn at the top of the avenue you can see the views across Biddulph valley.

The gorilla and neanderthal skulls complete the story of science and religion

The story of science and religion 

Geology meets theology - a unique Victorian display of fossils and geological strata according to the Biblical days of creation, a fascinating journey through time.

Flora growing amonst the stumps

The Stumpery 

The oldest stumpery in the country and the inspiration for many more. A magical place.

Lime Avenue

Lime Avenue

Neatly edged formal lawns run on both sides of the gently curving gravel drive and the fine old limes. The oldest part of the garden, once part of the original toll road between Biddulph and neighbouring Congleton,

The stunning dahlia walk

The Dahlia Walk 

Biddulph’s most spectacularly colourful showpiece is a riot of colour, concealed behind high yew hedges. A magnificent variety of dahlias which changes every year.

Stone Sphinxes in the Egypt Garden

Egypt Garden at Biddulph Grange 

The most dramatic of Biddulph’s exotic tableaux dominated by sphynx and built for intrigue with a tomb-like tunnel leading the visitor further into the garden.