Choose the right tour of the Birmingham Back to Backs

Visitors in the courtyard

Our tour takes you around the four houses which are typical back to back housing. This means we have eight flights of steep and narrow stairs. If this can pose a problem for you, then do not worry, we have a way for you to see our property without climbing the stairs.

Standard tours

Our standard tours that includes the stairs, go round in groups of eight and take approximatly 1 hour and 15 minutes to go around the property with your guide.
Along the way, there are chances to stop after climbing our stairs if you need a rest.

Ground floor tours

For those who find climbing our stairs difficult or an impossibility, we have a tour designed with you in mind.
The tour takes approximatly an hour with your guide, where you visit the ground floors of the houses as well as visiting the brew-house and our courtyard which are all fully wheelchair accessible. You will experience the whole of Court 15 and you won't miss out on any of our story. The only thing you'll miss is the stairs.
Each ground floor tour must have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 people.

How to book

Like all the tours we offer, ground floor tours need to be booked in advance. Please call us on 0121 666 7671 to make your booking.