Castle range shopping at Bodiam Castle

Our Castle gift shop is always well-stocked with a wide range of National Trust products. Pop in there at the end of your visit and see what's on offer and take a look at our special Castle gift range.

A delicious selection of Bodiam Castle branded jams, chutneys and sweets available at the Castle gift shop
Bodiam Castle bag, mug and notebook available from the Bodiam Castle shop

Castle range souvenirs

Visit our shop and explore the souvenir range depicting the iconic Bodiam Castle. Prices range from £9 - £12.

Helmets, a shield and swords for budding young knights available in the Castle gift shop at Bodiam

Castle range for young knights

For our young visitors we offer stylish knight accessories like helmets, wooden swords, bows, arrows and shields. Prices range from £6 - £15.

Build your own castle kits available from the Castle gift shop at Bodiam Castle

Build your own Castle range

We offer a variety of build-your-own castle models, from the simple small wooden 'Castle in a box' to the larger cardboard model ready for colouring in. Prices range from £10 - £15. A recent addition to this range is a sophisticated, detailed model of Bodiam Castle to be built from hundreds of ceramic bricks and roof tiles. A fantastic project for older children and adults. Price £75. For those that would rather knock the castle down, we've build your own catapult or trebuchets. Prices from £15 - £18.

A range of fruity licquers available from the Castle gift shop at Bodiam Castle

Castle range food and drink

For a relaxed afternoon tea or a little treat, we have a great range of biscuits, chocolates, fudges, jams and chutneys. Prices from £4.75 - £9. We've also had the recent addition of fruit liquers to our castle food range. There are some great flavours to try. Liquers priced at £12. There is something for everybody in our Castle range and every purchase helps with the upkeep of Bodiam Castle.