50 Things To Do at Bodiam Castle this winter

Den building at Bodiam Castle

Winter is the perfect time for bird watching, tracking wild animals, running around in the rain and lots more. You’ll just need to wrap up warm and you can take them all on.

Frozen leaf on the ground in winter

No. 15 Go on a Wintery Adventure

Get layered up with coats, jumpers and scarves and head out on a winter adventure around Bodiam Castle. Wander around the castle and it's grounds and up to the woodland area. We can't promise snow but we can promise adventure!

Carp in the canals

No.8 Spot a fish

See if you can spot any fish swimming around the moat around the castle.

Family enjoying a picnic

No. 9 Eat a picnic in the wild

There’s something very British about packing up a picnic and enjoying it regardless of the weather. At Bodiam Castle you won’t have to look far for the perfect spot surrounded by nature.

Two children building a den

No. 4 Build a den

Head up to the woodland area and create a den. How big can you make it?

A family dangling their legs off the bridge over the moat

No. 6 Go Welly Wandering

Rainy days aren't just for staying indoors. Grab your umbrella and tick off No. 6 Go Welly Wandering. Take a run in the rain and maybe throw in some puddle jumping whilst you're at it. How many puddles can you jump in?

Girl in field looking through binoculars

No. 44 Watch a Bird

Thousands of migratory birds come to the UK’s shores in the winter, so it’s one of the best times to go bird watching if you’re making a special trip. As the trees lose their leaves, it’s much easier to spot birds and winter is a great time to put feeders out, increasing your chances of seeing lots of different birds.

A family sit on a log, a mother and father, a boy and two girls.

Family facilities at Bodiam Castle

Baby changing facilities can be found by the visitor reception. The Wharf tea-room and Castle-view cafe have a yummy children's menu and high chairs. Want to find a more secluded spot to breast feed? Just ask a member of staff. There's picnic areas too and you're welcome to bring a blanket and picnic in the grounds.