Springtime visit to Bodiam Castle

A springtime view of the postern gate or back door of Bodiam Castle in East Sussex

Visit in the springtime and discover the beauty of this magnificent 14th century castle.

Springtime at the castle

The impressive and beautiful symmetry of Bodiam Castle with its massive towers and broad moat is the perfect example of a 14th century medieval castle.  

The gentle light of spring sunshine favours the castle, bringing out all the colours of the stonework.The great oak trees throughout the grounds and sit majestically beside the moat show the first signs of green as their leaves slowly start to emerge. Look out for their reflections in the waters of the moat below.

Explore and discover

Although the curtain walls of the castle remain intact, inside the castle is mainly ruins but when you look around you can still get a good idea of what a grand and impressive place this would have been in the time of Sir Edward and Lady Elizabeth Dallingridge. Take a moment to stand in the courtyard and look around at the many fireplaces that still can been seen built into the inner walls. 

View overlooking the interior of Bodiam Castle built between 1385 and 1388
View overlooking the interior of Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, built between 1385 and 1388
View overlooking the interior of Bodiam Castle built between 1385 and 1388

There are plenty of medieval features to spot and explore, including the murder holes above the entrances where all kinds of gruesome treats would have rained down on unwelcome visitors. For those with a head for heights you can climb up the spiral staircase in the postern tower and marvel at the view across the Rother Valley below and don't forget to take a peek into the well room and ponder what the water in the well would have been used for?

Please note that the staircases within the castle are very steep stone spiral stairs with high and narrow treads. There is a handrail on the outside edge of the stairwells but visitors should take time to consider whether they are able to make the trip up and down these stairs comfortably. There are some resting places off the stairwells but the climb between each of these is considerable and there are no passing places on the stairs.

We recommend that all children are supervised by a responsible adult on all stairs within the castle.

Discover Spring nature

There's lots happening in the grounds around the castle as nature comes to life after the cold, harsh winter months. Download our Spring I-Spy trail from the link below or pick up a copy from visitor reception on your way in and discover what nature is springing into life.

Bodiam Castle Spring I-Spy trail (PDF / 1.2MB) download

Wildlife at Bodiam

As well as the ducks and the fish (carp), Bodiam Castle has one of the most important bat roosts in the south east of England. In 2013, the earliest ever births of wild baby bats in the UK, were recorded. 

The castle and grounds are  home to five bat species:

  • Daubenton's
  • Natterer's
  • Brown long-eared
  • Common Pipistrelle
  • Soprano Pipistrelle

The maternity roost in the castle is away from the public and closely monitored to ensure the bats are not disturbed. However, you can often hear them chattering and sometimes a wandering baby bat does have to be returned home.

We watch the colony closely and hope to be able to offer a bat walk to see the roost when the new babies have arrived.

A Daubenton's bat
A Daubenton's bat
A Daubenton's bat