School visits to Bodiam Castle

Little boy dressing up in armour at Bodiam Castle

Make history fun on a learning day at the castle. We offer activities from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 4, personally tailored to your group and in tune with National Curriculum initiatives.

Educational group activities

Take a Guided Tour

Was the castle, envisioned by the infamous Sir Edward, built for defence or comfort? Learn about the castle’s many attack and defence features through the eyes of an attacking army, while also discovering the many hidden luxuries this 14th-century home held.

Try our 'Armed & Dangerous' session

Our aptly named armour session, 'Armed & Dangerous' takes a look at medieval warfare. Take an inside look at a medieval army, at their armour, combat skills and code of conduct before trying on some of our armour collection.

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex
A girl dressing up in armour at Bodiam Castle in East Sussex
Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

Explore the site with an 'Outdoor' session

As the title suggests this session is designed to get your groups out and about in the grounds around the castle. The session is based in our outdoor woodland area and lends itself perfectly to a sensory, seasonal experience.

We'll use nets to sweep for bugs, identify trees and take bark rubbings and make habitats for wildlife. A great day away from the confines of the classroom.

Get up close to medieval life with our 'Object handling' activity

Learn about the lives of people that lived and worked in the castle by handling replica objects, identifying what they are made of, what they were used for and would would have used them.

An opportunity to step back in time to better understand life in medieval England. This session could be the taster for a wider classroom-based project back at school.

Each session costs £3.00 per child, or enjoy a session and a guided tour for £5.50 per child.

GCSE and A level students

For GCSE and A Level students we offer bespoke tours.  Please e-mail our learning office or call us on 01580 831326 and we'll be happy to tailor something to your requirements.

Contact us to book your visit

To book your learning day, please contact our learning office staff, who will be happy to help you chose the right session to suit your needs.

Please contact us on 01580 831326 or by e-mail to check availability before completing the booking form in our education groups information pack with your chosen options.



Resource pack to help you plan your day

Our teachers' resource pack will help you plan your visit from the moment you arrive at the castle and provides a number of worksheets for you to use during your visit.  There's also information on castle features and history for you to use back in the classroom.

Bodiam Castle Teacher Resource Pack 2019 (PDF / 4.4228515625MB) download