Medieval character talks at Bodiam Castle

A costumed medieval character waits at the great oak door to Bodiam Castle in East Sussex

Visitors can sometimes meet one of our medieval characters in the castle. When they are here they'll be happy to share their knowledge of life in the castle in 1385.

Our medieval characters

We want all visitors to get the best out of their visit to the castle and our medieval characters are here to help achieve this.

Each of our characters has assumed a role and explored exactly how life would have been for them back in the fourteenth century.  Their clothes, shoes and accessories replicate as closely as possible what would have been worn or carried at the time the castle was being built.

Ask them about their hat, hood or headdress, what they are carrying or why their shoes or boots have wooden pattens underneath them.  They are full of information and will be happy to chat.

William, Blanche and Ebete

William is the forester.  He is easy to spot as he often has his long bow and quiver of arrows with him.  He applies the law of the forest so beware if you enter the castle with any poached animals on your person.

Blanche the webster is always busy weaving or spinning.  She makes all her own clothes from start to finish.   Take a close look at some of the intricate designs on her braids and watch her working away at one of her many looms.

Ebete the huckster has recently arrived at the castle.  She has lots of interesting tales to tell about her wares and their provenance.  She's likely to be watching Blanche very closely to see if there are any spare braids or buttons that she can sell on.

These are our main characters and when they are passing through they can sometimes be heard talking to a group in the Great Hall.

Medieval character, Bodiam Castle
A medieval character waits by the great oak door to Bodiam Castle in East Sussex
Medieval character, Bodiam Castle