Shopping at Bodiam Castle

A great range of Bodiam Castle souvenirs available at the Castle gift shop

Complete your visit to Bodiam Castle with a visit to our Castle Gift shop to pick up a souvenir from your visit or a delicious pot of jam or chutney to take home. If you're looking for a gift, we have a lovely range of National Trust products and some more specialist local items.

Keep it local

Shop Manager, Heather Wiggins, is proud of her range of local products. She says, “Within the retail range at the National Trust, it is important to us, to support local producers, artists and craftsmen.”  In support of this, there are a number of local products on sale here in our Castle Gift Shop.


Capturing flavours from the past

In 2009 Jeremy Knight, curator of Horsham Museum discovered a 200 year old recipe book from the Shelley family. It contained a recipe for gingerbread, but not the kind of easy to follow recipe that we would recognise today.

Lesley Ward then spent a year working with the recipe, until it was perfected. This began the journey to the creation of many more historically inspired local recipes.

We are delighted that we now have a range of creations from Horsham Gingerbread on sale in the shop.  Try their deliciously sticky and rich gingerbread or perhaps you'll prefer the Sussex honey flavoured or dark chocolate and orange biscuits. It's good news for those with allergies as some of the products are gluten free.

Pop in and take a look and be tempted.

Horsham gingerbread
A display of Horsham gingerbread and biscuits in the Castle gift shop at Bodiam Castle
Horsham gingerbread

Westerham Brewery ales

Hop gardens used to surround the castle but there are now a dwindling number of them throughout Kent & East Sussex.

At nearby National Trust property, Scotney Castle, the hop garden is tended by Ian Strang.  The hops grown here are processed by Westerham Brewery to give some great local ales.

Lord Curzon (who left Bodiam Castle to National Trust in 1925 following his death) explored India with his friend, Francis Younghusband, who lived in Westerham. He wrote in his memoirs ‘as I rode down the grassy slopes, I saw coming towards me in the distance a solitary horseman. It was Younghusband’s native servant. At that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock or soda, or hot coffee but for a glass of beer! He approached and salaamed. I uttered but one word, ‘beer’. Without a moment’s hesitation, he put his hand in the fold of his tunic and drew therefrom a bottle… Happy Forethought! O Prince of hosts! Most glorious moment!’