Summer outdoors at Bodiam Castle

A view to the gatehouse entrance from the courtyard at Bodiam Castle in East Sussex

Bodiam Castle is the perfect place for a summer day out with the family. With lots of grounds to run around in, our new Castle boot camp activity, archery lessons and falconry walks on site you can easily spend the whole day here.

A family day out

Bodiam Castle is a great place to bring the family on a summer day.  Our magnificent castle has lots for the children to explore.  We'll also have some special events throughout the summer holidays and there's always archery lessons on offer.

With extensive grounds around the castle there's plenty of space to set down your picnic rug, sit back and enjoy that special view.  For those who've forgotten their Thermos flask, our Castle View Coffee Shop will be open during the main school holidays for hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks and ice creams.

Bodiam Castle
A family picnic in the grounds of Bodiam Castle in East Sussex

Summer outdoors at the castle

Despite its appearance the castle is mostly in ruin, so summer is a good time to visit. There are towers to explore and a battlement to cross, not to mention the chance to see our original portcullis, probably the oldest in England.

The moat has plenty of fish that congregate around the bridge when you approach. Can you count how many there are?  The ducks, too, are always pleased to see you and love to be fed on seeds, lettuce or some of our nutritious duck food, which the fish like too.

Have an adventure

Our '50 things to do before you're 11¾' activities are a great way to get the kids in to the big outdoors. At Bodiam Castle, we've a number of activities for them to try.

Pick up one of our 50 things booklets and come along and have a go at the activities listed below. Once you've completed them you can claim your sticker/s and pop them in the book. Will you complete all 50 things this summer?

  • Rolling down a really big hill (no. 2)
  • Build a den (no. 4)
  • Flying a kite (no. 7)
  • Exploring inside a tree (no. 22)
  • Making a grass trumpet (no. 25)
  • Hunt for bugs (no. 31)
50 things to do before you're 11¾
Two boys flying a kite at Bodiam Castle in East Sussex