Winter walks at Bodiam Castle

During the winter when the days are shorter and the winds more keen, Bodiam Castle is a peaceful place to visit and you can enjoy the castle in all its winter glory.

Winter in the castle

This winter we'll again be offering a different experience for our visitors.  Our castle guides will be offering guided tours on the hour from 11am to 3pm, focussing on the medieval history of the castle or taking a more up to date view of the castle in the 19th and 20th century and the men behind the beginnings of its conservation.

Whilst you wait for your guide you can watch our DVD on the history of the castle.  We'll also have some warm cloaks for you to borrow on colder winter days when there's often a chilling wind blowing around the castle walls.

Tours start on the hour from 11am through to 3pm and will alternate between the medieval and more modern history.

Bodiam Castle
A view the NW across the front of Bodiam Castle
Bodiam Castle

Enjoy the tranquility of winter

Winter at the castle means few visitors and so there is the chance to enjoy the tranquility of its setting.   Visit us on a clear, crisp morning when the winter sun shows up all the greens and greys of the stone walls.  In the afternoon as the light fades, the castle can look brooding but there is still an aire of calm around the grounds.

Not a time for artists to set up their easels and paint but a great time for a photographer to capture some of the winter faces of the castle.

Of course, if it snows then the castle is transformed into a winter wonderland and becomes a magical place with the light from the snow bringing the castle alive.  If it's really cold you might even see the moat freeze over and you can watch our ducks struggling on the ice.  You can trace their footprints in the snow but you'll have no trouble in spotting them as they love to great our visitors with a quacking chorus.

Bodiam Castle in the snow
View of Bodiam Castle in the snow with a frozen moat
Bodiam Castle in the snow