Medieval graffiti uncovered at Bodiam Castle

Following a stone by stone survey of the castle, surveyor Matt Champion will be joined by archaeologist Nathalie Cohen to offer visitors an exclusive walk and talk event to reveal the findings.

A medieval witch mark etched into the stone at Bodiam Castle in East Sussex

A rare insight

This Hallowe'en we're offering visitors the chance to join expert, Matt Champion, and archaeologist, Nathalie Cohen, to find out about the recent revelations of our stone by stone survey of the castle.

Matt and Nathalie will take visitors on a tour of the castle to point out some of the 800 inscriptions that were uncovered.  The discoveries are notable and significant and include a large number of 'Witch marks' in doorways and around the windows, which were to ward off evil spirits.

You'll be shown many significant marks such as those of the craftsmen that built the castle and those who have spent time here throughout the castle's history.

Stonemason's mark, Bodiam Castle
A banker's or craftsman's mark at Bodiam Castle in East Sussex

A chance to find out more

After the tour, the group will head down to our newly refurbished Terrace Room for a 2-course lunch and time to quiz our experts on what you've seen and heard.

The cost of this 'Walk and Talk' lecture lunch on 31 October is £25.00 per head and must be booked in advance.  Call our booking line on 01580 831324 to secure your place.


A banker's (or craftsman's) mark in the stonework at Bodiam Castle in East Sussex

Bodiam Castle's graffiti uncovered

Discover what the many marks in the stonework at Bodiam Castle mean and who by and when they were put there.