Gorthwedh: Contrasts of the Tin Coast

View of the Botallack mines

Set within the Cornish Mining World Heritage site, the National Trust on the Tin Coast will be starting a new Arts Council England funded project this summer called Gorthwedh: Contrasts of the Tin Coast. Gorthwedh means contrast in Cornish, and this project will reflect on the area’s industrial past, social change and it’s meaning to residents and visitors today.

Callum Mitchell, Cornish-born artist will be working with the team on the Tin Coast and other local artists to develop work which will pose the question 'why is this place special to you’? Callum’s previous work spans playwriting, film-making, curation and audio and he’ll be getting out into the local area in Cornwall seeking out and listening to stories and perspectives from people in the local community to shape his work.

Working with Callum will be Falmouth University's Tom Ebdon and students from the BA (hons) Architecture course, to create temporary structures in the landscape to tell the stories as they start to take shape.  

Callum says ‘I am very excited to be working alongside the National Trust, Tom Ebdon and architecture students of Falmouth University on Gorthwedh. The themes, challenges and potential of the project are all very appealing to me and I believe will be a natural fit to the way I approach my work. I am confident that together we can create something that is innovative and engaging, as well as being authentically representative and sensitive to the needs and desires of the local community.’

Cornish artist Callum Mitchell
Cornish artist Callum Mitchell
Cornish artist Callum Mitchell

Gorthwedh is part of a series of events happening in the Tin Coast in summer and beyond. Come back to the website to find out more throughout the year. Part of Trust New Art, the National Trust’s programme of contemporary arts.

Tin Coast

A cultural landscape of World Heritage site status, it is a place defined by Cornish mining.