'Gorthwedh' on the Tin Coast

View of the Botallack mines

This summer we'll be telling the stories of how Cornish mining innovations and communities dramatically shaped the world we now live in.

In 2019 the National Trust will be celebrating the voices and landscapes that brought about radical social change. On the Tin Coast we'll be exploring 'Gorthwedh', which means contrast in Cornish; looking at the industries, the people and the beauty of this landscape.

Working with an artist and local communities through Gorthwedh to share stories from above and below the ground, of those who live and work on the Tin Coast both now and in the past.

Botallack will also become home to an exciting exhibit in the Count House Workshop. A 3D stone carving of the Tin Coast will be installed, showing the engine houses, spoil heaps, infrastructure and communities that were built in the area because of the geological riches of tin and copper in the ground.

Using new augmented reality the model will be brought to life as visitors can view the carving with tablets and see the mines working as they would have been in their prime in the late 1900s.