Wildlife at Box Hill

Roman snail at Box Hill in Surrey

There is always a wide variety of wildlife that can be seen at Box Hill throughout the year. From butterflies to rare orchids, enjoy the changes of the seasons as well as the wildlife and see what you can spot on a walk at Box Hill.

Seasonal highlights

In winter, although it's time for nature to sleep, you can still catch a glimpse of various wildlife looking for food on Box Hill. See the many red berries on the bushes and prickly holly trees. 
You can expect to see one of our favourite signs of the seasons changing in spring - a sunny woodland carpeted in a blue haze of bluebells.  The bluebell was voted Britain’s favourite flower and these blue beauties have an interesting story behind them too.
Summer brings the big and the small, the common, the rare, the multicoloured and the subtle. More than 38 different butterfly species alone were spotted on Box Hill last year.  You'll also spy a variety of orchids too. Seventeen different orchid species have been recorded on Box Hill, some of which are extremely rare or threatened. See which ones you can spot with our handy guide.
Whether it's the crisp, sunny days or our need for simple natural beauty, the autumnal colours on Box Hill are stunning. We can all appreciate them for their visual splendor, but the science behind this annual event is equally fascinating.