Kite Sports on Brancaster Beach

kite surfers on brancaster beach

Kite surfing is a popular pastime on Brancaster Beach. The use of kites and buggies and the launching of is restricted to certain zones to ensure visitor safety and enjoyment. Please follow our advice.

Kite Sports zones on Brancaster Beach
map of the kite surfing zones on Brancaster Beach
Kite Sports zones on Brancaster Beach

Kite Surfing

Experienced kite surfers are welcome. The launch / landing area is indicated in blue on the map above. To ensure the safety of swimmers and other beach users, we ask kite surfers to approach the beach with extreme caution and at a reduced speed. Swimmers and other water users take priority at all times.

  • Please use the designated launch / landing area

  • Please keep clear of the channel buoys

  • When your kite is not in use please wind your lines up to maintain free access to other beach users

  • Due to strong tidal conditions it is recommended that only experienced kite surfers use this area

  • When using the water at high tide keep clear of fishing nets set between the high and low water mark.

Kite Buggies and Landboards

These activities are permitted, on Titchwell beach as shown on map. Access is permitted via Brancaster beach but please pull your equipment to the flying area. 

Power Kites

These are two string kites over one metre in size. Please only fly power kites in the power kite and kite surfing launch / landing area as marked on the map.


Single string kites are welcome on the beach anywhere; but please keep clear of any fenced off bird nesting areas.

A Kite Surfer on Brancaster Beach
a single kite surfer surfing at Brancaster Beach on a grey cloudy day
A Kite Surfer on Brancaster Beach