Brimham Boundary Walk

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Brimham Boundary Walk is a circular walk that starts from Brimham Car Park.

Brimham Boundary Walk


Brimham Rocks Boundary Walk map, North Yorkshire.


Brimham Rocks car park


SE 2085 6458/ 54.0766, -1.6827 From the Brimham car park, down the road you came in on, but before reaching the public road turn right down the track marked Private Road to Druids Cave farm. After about 75m - and just before the track passes between a gap in a wall with a National Trust boundary marker - there's a footpath to your left. Take this path and then the right fork, and continue keeping the wall just on your right. In about 350m the ground will dip down sharply to a farm track with a gate to your right. Turn left here to the road about 25m away. (8 mins)

Step one of Brimham Boundary walk, North Yorkshire.


SE 2082 6404/ 54.0719, -1.6832 Across the road a little to the left is a large rock, and to the left of that is a footpath. At the time of writing there's nothing but the stump of a public footpath sign. Follow this path, ignore the one going off to the right shortly after leaving the road and keep straight on. Soon afterwards use the right hand track where another path forks to the left. The track then becomes a narrow rut in places, watch out that you don't twist an ankle. After about 600m from the road you'll reach a larger path with a Public Footpath marker post, turn right here. You are now on the Nidderdale Way. (16 mins) Follow the path and after about 400m you'll come to a copse of silver birch trees, through the copse you'll see a gate, stile, and the National Trust boundary marker. (22 mins)

Start of section two on Brimham Boundary walk.


SE 2177 6425/ 54.0736, -1.6687 About 10m before the gate and stile, take the path to the left slightly downhill and passing just to the left of the prominent acorn shaped Rowan/ Mountain Ash that can be seen 50m or so down the path. When you reach a wall (26 mins), which is the boundary of the National Trust, in a small copse of silver birch, follow the path to the left. In about 15m cross a spring using the plank bridge. Another 15m further on the path swings left and over another spring on a duckboard bridge. The ground can be quite soft approaching this bridge. Follow the path across a gulley using a bridge of small tree trunks, the path then turns sharp right. Follow the gently rising path through silver birches and on to the more open heather and bracken heathland. The wall you can see a couple of hundred metres to your right marks the National Trust Brimham Rocks boundary. You can now also see Brimham Rocks ahead, and in another 400m or so you'll reach the public road that runs right through the property. (38 mins)

Step 3 on Brimham Rocks Boundary Walk


SE 2139 6500/ 54.0804, -1.6745 Turn right along the road and follow it for about 800m, and then where the road turns sharp right, take the farm track on the left signposted Private Road and Public Footpath, with a small signpost market "The Barn". (48 mins) Follow the track, and after about 750m, just before a field gate in front of you, there's a stile (60 mins) beside a gate on the left.

Beginning of section 4 on Brimham Boundary Walk, North Yorkshire


SE 2052 6533/ 54.0838, -1.6876 Climb over the stile and you'll see three paths, a rather faint one on the left. Take the middle path leading diagonally up the rising ground towards the silver birch wood that can be seen. The path takes you into the wood and the path climbs in a somewhat zig-zag fashion into the rocks and ferns of Brimham. When you reach a main path bear right onto it. (66 mins) You are close to the Idol and the Druid's Writing Desk which are well worth a look at. Keep on the path past the back of the visitor centre on your left. When you reach the road coming down from behind the visitor centre, follow it as it bends sharp left. At a stone gully which crosses the road just by the corner of the dry stone wall in front of the visitor centre, at a right angle to your right you'll see a grassy path leading downhill. (69 mins)

Start of section five on Brimham Boundary Walk, North Yorkshire.


SE 2063 6500/ 54.0794, -1.6866 Take the grassy path. After about 120 paces and shortly after a slight bend to the left, turn sharp right by some small rocks. After another 50 paces or so there are three paths heading downwards. Take the middle path towards silver birch and rowan/ mountain ash trees. Through the trees you'll reach a farm track. Turn left along the farm track and in about 550m you'll reach the Brimham Rocks entrance road which you can follow back to the car park. (82 min) Finished! Head up to the visitor centre for a refreshing drink and snack.

Beginning of final section of Brimham Boundary Walk, North Yorkshire.


Brimham Rocks car park

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Brimham Boundary Walk


Not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs. Rough footpaths. Sturdy footwear advisable.

Brimham Boundary Walk

How to get here

Brimham Rocks, Harrogate, HG3 4DW. Bottom Car Park.
By road
Off B6165, 11 miles (18km) from Harrogate; off B6265, 4 miles (6.4km) from Pateley Bridge.
Parking free for National Trust members, non-members £5 up to 4 hours, £7 all day.
By bus

Nidderdale Rambler runs Sundays from Harrogate to Brimham Rocks, April to October, plus selected winter Sundays. Other services from Harrogate to Pateley Bridge alight Summerbridge, 2 miles (3.2km).

Brimham Boundary Walk

Facilities and access

  • Toilets
  • Cycle racks
  • Parking National Trust members free, non-members 4 hours £6, daily £8, minibus £10, coach £15
  • Shop, visitor centre and refreshment kiosk (check opening times)
  • Dogs on lead welcome