Woodland Walk - green trail

Walking trail

Explore the woods, streams and ponds which cover the side of the Brockhampton valley with different plants and animals to see all year around.

Moss on tree roots with a couple walking in the background


Map of green trail


The car park at lower Brockhampton


Walk back towards the entrance to the car park then fork left following the green markers into the field that runs parallel to the drive. Walk away from the manor (remembering to turn around to enjoy the view) until you go though the gate at the other end of the field

cattle lying in front of manor house


Follow the path down into the woods. By the stream turn left following the green trail keeping an eye out for the wildlife you might spot on the way.

A trail sign in the woods


The track will take you down over a stream passing Harrold. From here you have a climb up the sides of the valley. There are several sections of steps to negotiate, so take care.

A horse sculpture in the woods


At the top of the bank take a break and take in the fine specimens of oak trees in this part of the wood; some are 500 years old. These trees support up to 300 different species of wildlife from mammals to insects and fungi.

Round capped white fungus growing in grass


This path takes you down to the Lawn pool, created as part of the parkland development in the 18th and 19th centuries. We have been clearing some of the area to improve the wildlife habitat and biodiversity. If you look up the hill you will see the 18th century manor house, which is privately leased.


Turn right along the edge of the lake then straight on through the parkland to a stile on your right. Take care as there could be sheep in the field. Over the stile follow the path left back into the woods to the junction by the stream where you started. From here retrace your steps back along the drive to the car park.

Inquisitive sheep in their field, looking into the camera


The car park at Lower Brockhampton

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Woodland Walk - green trail


Some boggy areas and a steep hill to climb; some of it as steps

Woodland Walk - green trail

How to get here

Lower Brockhampton manor house, National Trust Brockhampton Estate, Bringsty, near Bromyard, WR6 5UH
By road

Follow the A44 west from Worcester or the A44 east from Bromyard and turn off at the Brockhampton Estate sign. Follow the winding road to Lower Brockhampton and park in the main car park near the manor house.

Woodland Walk - green trail

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