'50 things to do before you're 11¾' at Carding Mill Valley and the Long Mynd

Carding Mill Valley girl fishing net

The Long Mynd is the perfect place to explore and discover more about nature using the National Trust's list of '50 things to do before you're 11¾'.

Throughout the year you can find our Engagement Volunteer Team out and about in Carding Mill Valley to help you with many of the 50 Things. There are also organised events and activities where you can have a go at one or more of the 50 Things. For example,  our Ranger Team run bird feeder or bird box making workshops so you can help a wild animal (43).

But you don't always need us to help you explore the outdoors - there's plenty of ideas for nature adventures on the list of 50 Things that you could do with your friends and family on a half day or full day visit to the Long Mynd. You can join the many groups building dams in our stream, just please remember to bust it when you leave to help the creatures in the stream.

Silhoutted tree on the Long Mynd
Silhoutted tree on the Long Mynd
Silhoutted tree on the Long Mynd

1. Get to know a tree

Although the Long Mynd is heathland, so trees are not in plentiful supply, we have some beauts to get to know. Find our elephant tree in Carding Mill Valley, an old ash tree that has an extraordinary shaped trunk. Or walk the pipewalk and spot some of the incredibly old hawthornes, some date back to the end of the Napoleonic wars.

2. Roll down a really big hill

We've got lots of big hills and great valley slopes to roll down. Just be careful you don't end up in a stream or a bush at the bottom.

6. Go welly wandering

It doesn't matter what the weather is doing. Get your wellies on a have a splash in the stream. You could follow the course of the Ashbrooke (the stream in Carding Mill Valley) up to the waterfall. There are lots of other valleys with interesting streams up and down the Long Mynd. Try Ashes Hollow or the Batch for a quiter spot.

8. Spot a fish

The streams have lots of wildlife in to spot including bullheads, also called miller's thumb fish. They like hiding under rocks and are very well camaflouged. There are also brown trout to see in the deeper pools, espcially if the sun is out. These fish don't like being handled so watch, don't touch.

9. Eat a picnic in the wild

The Long Mynd has some wonderful spots to picnic. Find your own hidden valley spot or combine this with 28 and find an amazing view from one of the hill tops. 

11. Explore on wheels

There are many mountain bike routes to explore that criss-cross the Long Mynd. Check our dedicated page for more information.

Playing in the stream at Carding Mill Valley
Playing in the stream at Carding Mill Valley
Playing in the stream at Carding Mill Valley

14. Dam a stream

The stream in Carding Mill Valley is a great place to build a dam. But don't forget to bust that dam before you leave. The creatures in the stream like the water fast flowing so make sure you leave their home as they'd like it.

15. Go on a wintry adventure

Snow often touches the Long Mynd way before the rest of Shropshire. Have a stomp through some drifts or even see if you can find an iced waterfall.

20. Go paddling

With so much water flowing off the hills, where better to cool the feet in the sunshine than a Long Mynd stream?

28. Climb a huge hill

Pole Bank is the highest point of the Long Mynd and a good walk from the main car park in Carding Mill Valley. There's loads of other huge hills to choose from though, like Bodbury with its ancient hill fort on top or Burway hill which is blanketed in purple heather during the summer.

Low cloud draped over the Shropshire Hills
Low cloud draped over the Shropshire Hills
Low cloud draped over the Shropshire Hills

33. Go cloud watching

Laying on the reservoir dam and watching the clouds drift by is as proper, peaceful treat. But if it's too chilly for that then try and get up on top early in the morning on an autumn or winter day to find a cloud inversion. This is where the cloud sits in the valleys, so just the peaks of the Shropshire Hills poke through.

There are many more 50 Things to do, come and find one of our team in Carding Mill Valley for more advice or recommendations.

50 things activity list (PDF / 0.6MB) download