Duke of Edinburgh and youth groups at Carding Mill Valley

Carding mill valley camping

We welcome Duke of Edinburgh and youth groups throughout the year. The Shropshire Hills is a great place to complete the activities you need to gain your Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Whether you're looking for volunteering opportunities or somewhere to host your next expedition, there's plenty of opportunity to complete your Duke of Edinburgh award in the Shropshire Hills.

Stay with us

There are a few campsites around the Long Mynd which groups are welcome to use. Please let us know you'd like to stay with us by completing a booking form. We charge £3 per camper to use the wild campsite at Pole Cottage.

Carding Mill Valley Duke of Edinburgh and youth group booking form (PDF / 0.1201171875MB) download

There is no charge for Duke of Edinburgh or youth groups to use the outdoors, but we do need to know you're coming in advance. Please complete the booking form to let us know your plans.