Mountain biking on the Long Mynd at Carding Mill Valley

Cyclists on the Long Mynd

There's a lot to consider before you head out on your bike for the day, so we've put together some information on mountain biking on the Long Mynd. You can also download our mountain bike map with suggested trail routes. The Long Mynd is predominantly open heathland, so you'll need some navigational skill and a destination. The pay-off is the natural single-track that you'll have mostly to yourself. Just remember, there are a lot of other users on the hill, particularly in Carding Mill Valley, please be respectful of these other users.

Take a trail

The Long Mynd offers variety and you're faced with many riding choices on the map. We've highlighted the best trails - these can be mixed and matched to create your own route. All trails are legal rights of way or permissive routes; you can travel in any direction.

Share the trail

We share trails with walkers and horse riders, so be considerate to other users.
  • keep your speed under control and slow down through Carding Mill Valley
  • give way to walkers and horses and say 'hello'
  • on the road, be aware of cars - particularly on narrow steep single-track roads
  • keep to published routes
  • don't disturb wildlife and avoid riding through springs

Best practice for passing horses:

  • slow down
  • give verbal warning
  • pass downside where possible
  • remember, you may have to stop completely, it is their right of way

Care for Long Mynd’s natural beauty

  • protect plants by not riding over them
  • be considerate to wildlife and livestock - slow down on approaching animals
  • take your litter home
  • many trails have gates - please close them to prevent livestock escaping
  • ride through puddles and not round them to prevent trails getting wider

Take a jacket

The Long Mynd does not have many trees, which means great views but when the wind and rain start, you'll be pushed to find shelter. So bring a jacket; it can be a pleasant day in Church Stretton but blowing a gale at Pole Cottage.

Personal safety

  • always carry a mobile phone and identification
  • ride within your ability
  • ensure your bike is safe to ride and be prepared for emergencies
  • always tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back
  • reflective materials on your clothes or bike can save your life
  • always wear a helmet
  • particular care should be taken on unstable or wet surfaces
  • remember, have fun and enjoy