The top 10 things to do at Carding Mill Valley

People going for a wild swim in a reservoir

With thousands of acres to explore there are lots of ways to enjoy yourself at Carding Mill Valley. Whether you want to go mountain biking, horse riding, walking or swimming we've got it all here. Many of them are also on the 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 list.

1. Go pond dipping

Why not go pond dipping with the children and see what creatures you can find. All you need are wellies, a net and a bucket.

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2. Head to the top

Go to the top of the hill where you can take in the beautiful views, on a clear day you can see over 50 miles in each direction.

You can get to the top by driving, walking, cycling or horse riding.

3. Go bird watching

Head to the roof terrace and watch the birds in the wildlife garden, or spend some time in the bird hide. There are lots of birds that make their home in Carding Mill Valley.

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4. Go grass sledging

Bring along a cardboard box, find a safe place and have a go at grass sledging down a slope.

5. Go wild swimming

Why not go for a dip in the reservoir?

What a great way to cool down after a long walk. Do be careful though, and read the information at the reservoir before going in.

6. Go orienteering

We've got a mix of trails available in Carding Mill Valley. You can download the trails here or pick one up from the shop

Short orienteering course

Medium orienteering course

Long orienteering course

7. Bring a picnic

You can relax by the stream with a picnic or you may want to try our delicious food in the tea-room.

Over the summer there will be a catering outlet up in the top car park as well.

8. Star gaze

Come here at night and have a look at the wonderful night sky. We have 4 desigated Dark Sky areas on Long Mynd, including Carding Mill Valley and Pole Cottage.

We run events throughout the year on star gazing so you could always join in on one of these.

9. Find a magic spot

Find your own special place well away from the crowds, where you can just sit and chill out while taking in the beautiful scenery.

10. Go on a trail

Go on an Adventure Trail, you can collect these from the information boards in the valley. The idea is that you can come up with your own route to the reservoir, up rope pulls, across the stream and through bracken. See how imaginative you can get.