Top 10 ranger views around Carding Mill Valley

You get a superb view of Carding Mill Valley from Bodbury Hill

Our rangers are out and about everyday looking after the Long Mynd; while they are out on the hill they get to see some spectacular views. So they've put together their top ten to help inspire you to come and see them for yourselves.

From Dr Mott's Road

Looking back down the valley from Dr Mott's Road on your way up to the top of the Long Mynd gives you some beautiful views across Church Stretton to the Clee Hills.

Looking down from the Pike

From the Pike you get a great view of the red roof of the Chalet Pavilion and also a view of the only remaining part of the original mill.
The building is now flats, but it was once the warehouse where the wool was stored and spun.

Carding Mill Valley from Bodbury Hill

From high up on Bodbury Hill, which was once an Ironage hillfort; you can look up Carding Mill Valley to the top of the Long Mynd.
During autumn and winter cloud often shrouds the Stretton Hills and valley adding to the drama. Then at the end of August the tops of the hills turn a lovely shade of purple as the heather comes into flower.

Looking down from the Burway

The Burway road is one of the steepest in Shropshire and with an almost vertical drop off the side of the road down into the valley,  it is definitely dramatic.

The reservoir in Carding Mill Valley

The reservoir once supplied Church Stretton with water, now disused, it is set in the hillside surrounded by trees.
The trees have grown up here because the area is fenced off so the sheep can't get in to graze it.

The reservoir from the pipe walk

Follow the original pipe line up the hillside and you can get some lovely views back towards the reservoir.
From here you can get a real appreciation for the scale of the reservoir and its retaining bank.

Pole Bank from Pole Cottage

From the highest point on the Long Mynd you capture sight of some of the pools found on the Long Mynd.
The pools are watering holes for the sheep and ponies that graze on the hill.

Looking out across Shropshire from Cow Ridge

Up on the top of Cow Ridge on a clear day you can get some spectacular views of the Shropshire Hills.
Looking across to Caer Caradoc and the Wrekin, it is obvious to see that these were once a chain of volcanoes hundreds of millions of years ago.

From Bilbatch looking west

From Bilbatch, a valley on the west side of the hill you get  stunning views of the Stiperstones and Linley Hill.

Looking towards Bodbury Hill and beyond

One of the best ways to view the Ironage hillfort on Bodbury Hill is to go to the top of the Long Mynd.
From here, you can clearly see the single ditch running around the top of the hill.  In the distance the larger Caer Caradoc can also be seen, there was once a hillfort here too.