Try one of these beautiful walks at Carding Mill Valley

We've got miles of footpaths, bridleways and permissive paths to explore across the Long Mynd. There are walks available for all abilities and time scales, so you can chose to go on a short walk up to the reservoir or a much longer walk to the highest point on the hill and back. Whichever you chose you are guaranteed some good scenery. The walks suggested here are recommended by the staff, as they take in the key features of the hill and then offer up some beautiful views along the way.

New Pool Hollow reservior in the snow
Walking trail

Reservoir walk 

This shorter walk through the valley ends with beautiful views of the reservoir and beyond.

Lightspout waterfall
Walking trail

Waterfall walk 

Discover the natural water feature Victorian visitors called a "miniature Niagara".

View in the snow from the Pipe walk to Bodbury Hill
Walking trail

The Pipe Walk 

Follow the route of the Victorian pipe previously used to carry water from the top of the valley.

You can enjoy wonderful views from the top of the Long Mynd
Walking trail

A walk to the top of the Long Mynd 

Head to the highest point on the Long Mynd and take in the views.

You might spot the Long Mynd wild ponies near Pole Cottage on the way to Ratlinghope
Walking trail

A walk to Ratlinghope across the Long Mynd 

This walk takes you round to the quieter, west side of the hill. You can even stop at The Bridges pub half way round if you like!