Please excuse the mess...

Visitor reception building in autumn car park at Charlecote

We're having a make-over!

From 7 November, our little Visitor Reception building in the car park is undergoing refurbishment. The work is expected to take a week.

We’re taking out the bulky desk and making the space much more welcoming and friendly for all our visitors.

It’s going to be dusty and messy but the VR team will be carrying on regardless!

We’ve picked one of our quietest weeks of the year, and if you’re thinking of visiting us this week, please do still come along, this won’t affect anything else at Charlecote.

Just bear in mind that the worst-case scenario is that the power might be down for a while and we’ll be able to take only cash payments for entry.  Of course, if you’re a member you can still just show your card as usual.