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A pair of female deer are looking directly at the camera with several young fawns near their legs. The parkland grass is slightly parched and long and the weather is overcast.
If you're lucky, you might spot young fawns in the parkland during July. | © National Trust/Jana Eastwood

Parkland walk at Charlecote Park

Take a family-friendly stroll through the ‘Capability’ Brown-inspired landscape at Charlecote Park at any time of year, along mown grassy paths that are suitable for big-wheeled buggies. The River Avon and the lake offer plenty of wildlife-spotting opportunities along the way.

Take care by the riverbanks and lake

Please be aware of the unfenced riverbanks and lake and make sure that any children in your care are supervised at all times.

Total steps: 9

Total steps: 9

Start point

The main house, Charlecote Park: SP259563

Step 1

Start at the main house. The house was built in the 1550s for the first Sir Thomas Lucy. It was one of the first great Elizabethan houses and although it has undergone many changes, some of the original brickwork remains.

Step 2

Facing the house, head through the blue gates to your right and walk between the Cedar Lawn and Croquet Lawn towards the thatched summerhouse.

A view of the thatched summerhouse at Charlecote which has diamond shaped bay windows and new thatched roof, with plant pots dotted around it's base under the windows.
Granny's Summerhouse has recently been rethatched. | © Jana Eastwood

Step 3

Take the path ahead of you to the left of the summerhouse, and walk along the length of the Long Border. Go through the heavy metal gate on your left and drop down into the parkland. Please be sure to close the gate behind you to stop the deer from getting into the garden – they'll destroy the planting, given the chance. Be careful when you shut the gate as it's very heavy and can trap your fingers.

Step 4

Walk down the gentle slope towards the River Avon. You'll often spot the deer here, but please don't approach them as they are wild animals and can be unpredictable.

Step 5

Turn away from the house and follow the mown path towards the waterfall at the head of the lake. This waterfall, or cascade, acts as a dam to maintain the water level of the lake.

Step 6

For the short walk, follow the mown path by the side of the lake. Alternatively, for the longer walk, bear left at the head of the lake to follow the Hill Park walk. This walk takes an additional 20 minutes but please note that dogs, apart from assistance dogs, are not allowed on this route. The mown paths are easy to follow but there are no waymarkers, so do check your map. You'll rejoin the short walk at Step 7, halfway along the lake. There is a small bridge crossing the stream at the top end of this longer walk, that has stepped access.

Step 7

To continue the short walk, stay on the mown path away from the lake towards the Lucy family church, St Leonard's. To take the long walk, carry on along the lakeside and bear right as you reach the boundary fence, continuing to follow the mown path towards St Leonard's church. You rejoin the short walk at the churchyard.

Step 8

With your back to the church, follow the mown path down the avenue of trees back towards the Gatehouse.

A man walking his dogs past a fallen tree, the trunk of which is shaped like a heart, at Charlecote Park, Warwickshire.
A fallen tree at Charlecote Park | © National Trust Images/Annapurna Mellor

Step 9

Once you've reached the Gatehouse, you've completed the trail.

End point

The Gatehouse, Charlecote Park: SP259563

Trail map

Map showing the route of the Parkland walk at Charlecote Park, Warwickshire.
Parkland walk at Charlecote Park | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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