The coastline we love is under increasing threat. With over 780 miles of it under our care, we're making sure it's well protected

Summer view of the beach at Porthor, Wales
Formby, Merseyside

Sand dunes at Formby to become refuge for wildlife 

Sand dunes, once used as a dumping ground for waste tobacco, will be transformed into a haven for rare wildlife, including the natterjack toad. The project to restore the 'tobacco cliffs' at Formby in Merseyside involves excavating wedges of sand to create new undulating dunes. This will give the rare toads the best possible conditions to thrive.

Coastline at Giant's Causeway

About the coastline we care for 

The National Trust cares for over 780 miles of coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Here are a few things you might not have known about our shores.


Shifting shores

Thanks to your generous donations, we’re now looking after more than 780 miles of the UK’s coastline. Coast and marine specialist Phil Dyke explains how the changing climate is threatening our shifting shores, and how your continued support will help protect the natural coastal landscapes we love.

Conservation grazing on the Lizard

Looking after the Lizard 

With a mild climate and ancient, volcanic rocks underfoot, the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall provides a safe haven for many important plants and animals, including native heather. From cows to controlled burning, discover how rangers are protecting this unique area.

Fighting the plastic tide

Our cause

We protect and care for places so people and nature can thrive. We look after the nation's coastline, historic sites, countryside and green spaces, ensuring everyone benefits.