The coastline we love is under increasing threat. With over 775 miles of it under our care, we're making sure it's well protected

A National Trust warden driving along the coastline
Coastline at Giant's Causeway

A few facts about the coastline we care for 

The National Trust cares for over 775 miles of coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Here are a few things you might not have known about our shores.

Marine litter on a beach

Phasing out single use plastics at our places 

We're committed to creating safe and healthy places for nature and wildlife to thrive. To help us safeguard nature for the future, we're phasing out single use plastics at our places. Find out how we're kicking the plastic habit.

Meet our coastal rangers

The storms battering the dunes

Living with change: Our shifting shores 

We're tackling the threats of a changing coastline to safeguard the coastline you love.

Looking along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path at Stackpole.

A vision for our coastline 

Our Neptune campaign has been working to preserve the UK's coastline for 50 years. Now we've announced our plans for the next 50.


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