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Basildon Park Spring

Visit grand gardens and country mansions surrounded by rolling parkland. Or drop in on intimate homes with intriguing stories to tell

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Places in the South East where you need to book 

Some of our places we care for in the South East of England will be opening with guided tours, so you’ll need to pre-book before your visit. These tours will be led by expert volunteers and will show the places in a new light. You may also need to book in advance at some other larger places, where visitor numbers need to be carefully managed for practical reasons.

A close up of a child's feet between the grass and daisies

Things to do with the kids in Berkshire 

We're rediscovering the simple pleasures in the summer holidays in Berkshire. It's going to be a barefoot kind of summer with traditional games of tug-of-war and rounders, mindful meandering through wildflower meadows and lots of barefoot running around and picnics. We're looking forward to welcoming families to run off some steam with us in the great outdoors of Berkshire.

Summer in Berkshire

Where to visit in Berkshire

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