London and the South East

Vibrant autumn colours reflecting in a pond

Masses of countryside, little gems and grand houses, all across the South East

Places to visit

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A picture of Ipomoea lobata in the Summerhouse Garden at The Vyne

Late summer gardens 

Take a late summer stroll and admire the many plants and flowers decorating our parks and gardens across the region.

The best of autumn

Spooky goings-on...

A large tree lies in front of the house at Scotney Castle, Kent, after the Great Storm

Discover the impact of the Great Storm, 30 years on... 

Between 2am and 6am on 16 October 1987, winds reaching up to 110mph ripped across the South East. The National Trust lost hundreds of thousands of trees across thousands of acres of land. Three decades on, the effects endure in the landscapes - and memories – of places caught up in the eye of the Great Storm.

What's near you?

A group of people stand beneath a stone archyway surrounded by trees.

Supporter groups in London and the South East 

Interested in making the most of your National Trust membership? Why not join your local supporter group in London and the South East? It's a great way to meet people and to enjoy special talks, visits, holidays and other social and fundraising events. You'll also be helping a great cause.