Divis and the Black Mountain

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The car parks and cafe at Divis & the Black Mountain are open. You don’t need to book the car park. Please respect local residents and emergency services by not parking outside approved areas. If the car parks are full, please come back another time.

Divis and the Black Mountain offers a spectacular viewpoint for walkers seeking panoramic views over Belfast and beyond

Divis and the Black Mountain

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Walking on Divis and the Black Mountain

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The Heath Trail 

Explore the Heath Trail. The highest peak in the Belfast Hills, Divis is 276m/1,526ft - and the best bit about the trail is that you get to enjoy the amazing views without having to climb much height.

The Divis ridge trail view across Belfast

Divis and the Black Mountain Ranger Run, Belfast 

See the rich landscape and enjoy 180-degree views across the city and further afield.

Divis Street Art team with artists DMC and EMIC

A burst of colour, street art and an old Nissen Hut 

Our Belfast team recently collaborated with a group of Belfast youths from the Prince’s Trust and two established street artists from Seedhead Arts known as DMC and EMIC. The aim of this collaborative project was to develop a creative response to our connection with the outdoors.

Divis and the Black Mountain

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Divis and the Black Mountain


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Discover rare species 

The mountains contain a mosaic of grassland heath and bog, habitats which support a varied and distinctive range of flora and fauna.

Divis and the Black Mountain

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View over Belfast towards the lough from the summit of Divis

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What does this place mean to you? Are you inspired to write songs about it? Does it symbolise peace and tranquillity to you? Have you created any special memories here? Have you captured the amazing beauty of the place? We know that Divis and the Black Mountain means different things to different people. Here you will find a collection of stories about peoples special connections with Divis and the Black Mountain.