Perfect for dog walkers

There are some fantastic locations and landscapes for you and your dog to explore.

Vew of the Dolaucothi countryside

Estate trail at Dolaucothi

Take in spectacular views and catch a glimpse of a red squirrel or pine marten on this trail to the highest spot on the Dolaucothi estate.

A wooden bridge that taes you over the Cothi River

Dolaucothi parkland walk

A gentle one-mile stroll around the grounds of the Dolaucothi mansion, taking in a riverside walk and the main approach.

Dolaucothi mine yard through the trees

Miner’s Way trail at Dolaucothi

Retrace the steps of gold miners through the ages, from the mine entrances used by the Romans to the remains of the crushing mill used in the 1930s at Dolaucothi Gold Mines.

Family walk the woodland path at Dolaucothi

Dolaucothi woodland trail

A wonderful trail for those looking for a moderately difficult walk in a beautiful woodland with opportunities to spot some elusive wildlife.

A female fallow deer at Dinefwr

Dinefwr Park wildlife walk, Carmarthenshire

This parkland walk takes in some of the estate’s great wildlife-spotting places, as well as a fascinating medieval castle and 17th-century mansion.

Secluded beach on the Carmarthenshire coast

Ragwen Point walk, Carmarthenshire

Enjoy stunning views across Carmarthen Bay, wildflowers and local history on this cliff-top walk to a secluded bay.

The Dolaucothi Arms

The Dolaucothi Arms BnB

Our friendly local is ready to welcome you to Dolaucothi