Dogs at Dolaucothi

Walking your dogs

The whole visit at Dolaucothi is dog friendly, from the tours of the Roman mine to the miles of footpaths to explore across the estate, there are some fantastic locations for you and your dog to explore. 

Visiting the mines

If you’ve pre-booked your visit to take part in a tour of the Roman mine, you’re welcome to bring you’re dog with you. We ask that all dogs taken on the tour and exploring the mine yard to be kept on short leads. 

We have water available at the mine yard for the dogs and there are shaded areas that they can rest. The tour itself is up steps, over uneven ground and through woodlands.

The dog poo bin can be found in the main car park as you arrive on site, a short walk from the mine yard itself. 

Exploring the estate

We have many pathways and walks to follow around the estate. We ask everyone to be mindful of the Countryside Code and to keep dogs on leads in areas around livestock, especially at lambing time. 

A dog poo bin can be found in the woodland car park where you’ll set off for your walk. There are shaded areas within the car park if you’re stopping for a picnic. 

Photo of part of Roman Self-guided Route

Walking at Dolaucothi

Meandering through the estate and woodlands are a network of footpaths allowing you to explore everything from riverside walks to the hillsides to enjoy views of the Cothi Valley and beyond.