Walking at Dolaucothi

Photo of part of Roman Self-guided Route

Dolaucothi offers walking trails to suit everyone, with several of our walking routes starting from the woodland car park, located near to the mine yard. Within the estate you can find everything from spectacular hilltop views to gentle strolls.

The starting point for our routes is the woodland car park, located next to the mine yard, or alternatively you could start in Pumsaint village and walk to Dolaucothi or vice versa. 

Our woodland car park is open all year round. You can download a copy of our map of walking trails Dolaucothi map (PDF / 2.37890625MB) download  or carry on reading to download copies of individual tailored walks with additional directions and snippets of information. 

Dolaucothi estate

Set in the Cothi Valley, Dolaucothi estate, which is over 2500 acres is one of the only intact upland estates in the care of the National Trust. Many farms make up the estate, alongside the gold mines and the site of the original Dolaucothi house, built back in the 17th century, sadly no longer there. 

The parkland features in Cadw’s Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in Wales and the farms are worked and managed to conserve the traditional upland landscape. 

Carreg Pumsaint

Situated at the heart of the estate, the old stone of Pumsaint stands proud, a standing stone with mysterious indentations on four of its sides, surrounded by whispers of many myths and legends. Such as the legend of the five saints setting off for a pilgrimage to St David’s when an evil sorcerer conjured up a storm to thwart their attempts, their impressions forever imprinted in the stone as they sought shelter from the storm. 

Not everyone believes the legends surrounding the stone and excavations in the 1990s showed that it originally rested horizontally. Modern suggestions include the popular idea that the Romans may have used it as an anvil for crushing the quartz to extract the gold. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

A wooden bridge that taes you over the Cothi River

Dolaucothi parkland walk

A gentle one-mile stroll around the grounds of the Dolaucothi mansion, taking in a riverside walk and the main approach.

Vew of the Dolaucothi countryside

Estate trail at Dolaucothi

Take in spectacular views and catch a glimpse of a red squirrel or pine marten on this trail to the highest spot on the Dolaucothi estate.

Family walk the woodland path at Dolaucothi

Dolaucothi woodland trail

A wonderful trail for those looking for a moderately difficult walk in a beautiful woodland with opportunities to spot some elusive wildlife.

Dolaucothi mine yard through the trees

Miner’s Way trail at Dolaucothi

Retrace the steps of gold miners through the ages, from the mine entrances used by the Romans to the remains of the crushing mill used in the 1930s at Dolaucothi Gold Mines.