Forest Ranger Experience

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Immerse your pupils into this hands on and interactive experience and learn about forest life and survival.

Pupils will explore this fascinating forest through the eyes of a ranger. 

  • Become tree detectives by feeling the bark, measuring the tree and exploring it while blindfolded.
  • Go on a forest scavenger hunt.
  • Make your own den.
  • Collect dry wood, and using fire flints make a fire in the Base Camp kettle, heat up your own water to make some hot chocolate and then melt some marshmallows.
  • Build some twig towers for the mini-beasts.
  • Play some forest games.
  • Learn about the animals who live here.
  • Create some wild art to take back to school with you.


Suitable for Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. 

This programme is curricular linked and helps to enhance the teaching of  “The World Around Us”.  We can focus on whatever topic you are studying in school and will weave this throughout the fabric of the day.

Activities will vary by age and season.