Spring at Mussenden Temple & Downhill Demesne

Snowdrops in January

Step into the sights, scents and sounds of Spring with a visit to Mussenden Temple & Downhill Demesne. Carpets of Snowdrops flood the estate within Bishops Gate gardens while little pops of yellow daffodils begin to sprout.

Explore Bishop's Gate in search of Snowdrops and daffodils and watch Spring unfold at Mussenden Temple & Downhill Demesne.

Listen to the birdsongs, smell the wild garlic and watch the ducks at the Black Glen as you walk along the stunning coastline of the North Coast. If you're lucky, you might even see a buzzard. A treat for all the senses accompanying  awe-inspiring views across the North Coast and Donegal headland. 

Topped off with a delicious coffee and sweat treat from Als Coffee located at Bishop's Gate. 

Bishops Gate Path