Wilderness School comes to Dunwich Heath!

A boy and a man constructing a den with sticks

Wilderness School is a fantastic opportunity to go on an adventure and learn about bush craft, survival and wilderness living with survival expert, Ray Chin, from ‘Back to Wilderness’.

Friday 29 May 2020, 10.30am - 1pm or 2pm - 4.30pm

The ‘Back to Wilderness’ team are dedicated to helping people connect with the natural world and understand how we interact with it. Their children’s sessions are designed to encourage young people to try new challenges and learn practical skills in a fun and creative way outside of the traditional classroom setting. They teach the fundamental skills required to survive and live in the wilderness, much as our ancestors did. From making fire, foraging, identifying and sourcing a meal to cook, to understanding what is readily available in our natural environment which can be used for a variety of everyday purposes.

Youngsters learn about teamwork by working together, collecting natural materials and building effective shelters which are tested with water to emphasise the reality of wilderness living. By developing skills such as the ability to create fire using only traditional techniques and no matches, youngsters can build self-confidence and gain a sense of achievement.

Since children aged 7 – 15 years need to be accompanied by a responsible adult, Wilderness School is the perfect way to plan an exciting new family experience which will create lasting memories. Let Back to Wilderness help you explore the natural world, reconnect with our environment and rediscover the skills developed by our ancestors which have become lost in the modern world.

Bookings are now open for this event! Further details are available here

" We’re becoming more detached from our natural world simply by the nature of our fast paced twenty-first century lives ...how often do we pause for breath and actually see this amazing world we inhabit?"
- Ray Chin, from 'Back to Wilderness'
Pond Dipping at Dunwich Heath

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