Conservation in action at Dyffryn Gardens

The imprisoned Soul, Margarte Lindsay Wiliams

This year we're restoring 4 paintings by notable Welsh artist Margaret Lindsay Williams. Three of the works will be conserved in Dyffryn house for you to see, hear short talks from the conservators and have a go at some hands-on activities.

Restoring our paintings

We're restoring 4 paintings by notable Welsh artist Margaret Lindsay Williams. 

Margaret Lindsay Williams (1888-1960) was a highly successful and well regarded Welsh artist .She was commissioned to paint members of the Royal Family such as King George V, Queen Mary, Queen Alexandria, The Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1921 she painted the American President Warren G Harding, and became the first female artist represented in Washington, D.C.'s National Portrait Gallery of Presidents.

Other notable sitters for her portraits include Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company and British Prime Minister David Lloyd George.

Read more about Margaret Lindsay Williams here. 

Conservation in action

This project will restore four paintings; The Imprisoned Soul, Sea Maiden's Bathing, Angel and Star and Cherub and Horn. 

The Imprisoned Soul is the lead painting and due to its importance and level of damage will be repaired at the conservation studio.

The other three will be worked on in situ in the Oak Room at Dyffryn house for you to see. Drop by the house any time between midday and 3pm to find out more.