Dyffryn Gardens' fountain project

Throughout 2016 and 2017 we fundraised to restore a neglected feature of the garden, the fountain on the Great Lawn. Work has almost finished on this dramatic garden feature.

The fountain project

Previous visitors to the gardens may well have noticed the empty pool near the vine walk. This pool was once a large, beautiful fountain that could be seen from the house.

Due to the structural weakness of the walls and a leaky bottom, the pool has been left empty for many years.

Our aim was to fundraise £75,000 to restore the fountain to its former glory. Thanks to generous donations from our visitors we have begun work to restore this feature. 

The first stage has been to supply the fountain with fresh clean water from a nearby borehole. In October of this year this was successfully completed. 

We have now removed all of the broken stonework and replaced it with new watertight stone. New water lilies have been planted and the fountain has been reinstated. 

The work has now been completed and you can see the fountian flowing and an abundance of flowering water lilies. Visit us soon

How can you help with other projects?

Visit us to buy a book from our second-hand book shop, take part in a fundraising event or pop a pound in one of our donation boxes, any amount you can give helps us revive our gardens to their former glory.