A glimpse of Lee Odishow's sculpture 'FISK'

Sculptor: Lee Odishow

Nature and the man-made are Lee Odishow’s most prominent themes. Previously commissioned to provide a Welsh Memorial in Flanders, Ypres, his winning design was chosen to commemorate all those of Welsh descent who were involved in World War I.

Odishow's artistic aims to enhance or highlight the inherent beauty and complexities found within the world around us are also shown by the design of Fisk.

With its combination of organic and man-made industrial elements through the flow of the figurative form and the hard lines of the bolts and porthole, Fisk is a reflection of Odishow’s artistic influences in death rituals and ceremonial practices.

" Fisk gets its title from Almond. D. Fisk who patented the first cast iron burial casket in the 1800's. His sealed caskets had a viewing window for people to view the deceased within."
- Lee Odishow