Explore the world in miniature in our glasshouse

Our tropical glasshouse is filled with exotic orchids, vines, cacti and succulents.

Split into three, the glasshouse is bursting with other-worldy delights. Be transported into the desert, the rainforest and see our intricate vinery.

Reginald Cory lived at Dyffryn and was a passionate plantsman. The gardens are still full to bursting with species collected from all over the world and brought back to Dyffryn.

With this spirit in mind our glasshouse houses the more exotic specimens of our unique collection that are used to warmer climates. 

The orchid house contains some rare and particularly unusual specimens such as

  • Bromeliads
  • Ensete ventricosum montbeliardii 
  • Costus barbatus 
  • Aechmea Fasciata
  • Cattleya bowringiana

We have over thirty different species of cacti and succulents including

  • Zygosicyos tripatitus 
  • Agave
  • Aloe
  • Pilosocereus palmeri
  • Ferocactus pilosos