Sidetracked sculpture

Sculptor: Valerie Coffin Price

Valerie Coffin Price’s work is based on issues to do with the environment, language and culture identity, responding creatively to the language of poetry and place. A reoccurring theme is that of ‘journeying’, where to journey is to explore and discover cultural traces embedded in the land. Such traces and ‘unseen paths’ include fragments of objects, memories and history, which all connect us to the invisible world of currents, winds, ideas and language.

Situated within the arboretum, ‘Sidetracked’ is placed and designed to capture a sense of the fleeting beauty of the trees throughout the year, and ‘conversations’ with the arboretum and its visitors.

" to be sidetracked is, after all to be led astray by a path or an idea ..."
- Richard Holmes, author and biographer of Shelley and Coleridge