Spiked Pollen Form II

A glimpse of Dilys' sculpture '	Spiked Pollen Form II'

Sculptor: Dilys Jackson MRBS

In the same series as Spiked Pollen Form shown at the National Botanic Garden of Wales and Mid Wales Arts Centre, this bright, blue-green piece of art by Dilys Jackson is a reflection of the plant growths of the Gardens, which have survived decades through war and peace.

Three smaller forms are also on display in our Glasshouse; Three-Point Growth, Silvery Growth, Small Romanesco Form.

" An aspect of pollen that is intriguing to me is that individual pollens are invisible to the naked eye, so their forms exist normally in a sphere invisible to us, in a secret world, and yet through the technology of the electron microscope and the work of sculptors, their nature can be made visible and even tangible."
- Dilys Jackson MRBS