Winter wows at Dyffryn Gardens

Shorter days and misty morning might be upon us, but as a garden for all seasons, we have plenty for you to discover at Dyffryn over the winter months.

Dyffryn is one of the finest examples of Edwardian garden design and reflecting the grandeur of the period in which it was created are a series of restored intimate garden rooms, all boasting different themes.

With Dyffryn’s impressive architecture, walk through romantic archways, winding outdoor steps and marvel at icy water features as you meander through the 55 acres in the rural area of the Vale of Glamorgan. There will be bright red holly berries bursting through the arboretum and colourful chrysanthemums on show for you to admire in the glasshouse.

Season of squashes

This winter you can see our home grown vegetables such as curly kale, squashes, cabbages and brassica flourishing in the Kitchen Garden. Many of these will be making their way down to our Garden’s café, so see what delicious home grown produce you might be able to sample for lunch on the day.

Following the Plantsman’s Response to the First World War theme in the gardens, some of our non-edible gourds will also be on display in the Vinery.

Harvesting the winter crops in Dyffryn's Kitchen Garden
Harvesting kale in the Kitchen Garden
Harvesting the winter crops in Dyffryn's Kitchen Garden

Escape to the exotics

Rewind back to hotter, summer months and explore the exotics in our glasshouse. Divided into three parts you can see our bright and airy vinery, take impressive pictures in our cacti house and be transported into the rainforest to see lots of tropical orchids and banana trees.

Inside the Orchid House
Inside the Orchid House at Dyffryn
Inside the Orchid House

The gardeners also make the most of the way that many epiphytic orchids grow, by hanging them from the ceiling among trails of Spanish moss or tied to large tree sections that are brought in from other parts of the garden. The specially adapted roots then anchor themselves into the rough bark on the wood.

Behind the scenes

Throughout the winter, you might even catch our team of gardeners, busy preparing for next spring. They will be working on hedge cutting, leaf clearing, finishing bulb planting and continuing work on the five year revival project in the Arboretum.

Trees at Dyffryn Gardens

Dyffryn Arboretum, Glamorgan 

We've begun a five-year project to protect the beautiful plants in our arboretum. Our plan is to focus on one section of the Arboretum each year, opening up overgrown spaces, clearing areas around our important trees and propagating from those that are reaching the end of their lifetime.

Keep an eye out...

We will also be starting work this winter on our exotics garden. Paths will be taken up and stepping stones will be placed next summer, so watch the transformation of this exciting space develop over time.