Winter wows at Dyffryn Gardens

A garden for all seasons we have plenty for you to explore this winter

One of the most enchanting features of the gardens is a series of intimate outdoor rooms.

This was a typical feature for a grand house like Dyffryn and they were designed by the famed Edwardian garden designer Thomas Mawson.

This winter you can see our home grown vegetables like curly kale, sprouts and cabbages flourishing in the Kitchen Garden, bright red holly berries as you wander through the arboretum and discover the winter roses on a frosty walk down the winding paths.

Feeling chilly?

It's always summer in our glasshouse. Divided into three parts you can see our bright and airy vinery, get toasty in our cacti house and be transported into the rainforest to see lots of tropical ochids and banana trees.

Other things to look out for are our water features, have a peek into the icy depths, see the restored garden rooms and stop one of our gardeners to get some expert tips on what to do now to prepare your garden for next spring.